Gergely Jancso is a Hungary based photographer specialized in all aspects of photography for hospitality and architectural products industry. He is available for assignments and contract jobs worldwide.

My Philosophy
“Anyone can take pictures, I specialize in crafting images.”

I believe in the story-telling power of an image. Less is more. I don’t regret the time I spend in front of the screen to craft a perfect image. Post-production has become one of the most important parts of the process. I strive to create photographs that communicate more than just basic information about a property or a structure. Irrespective of the task, it is my aim that clients will be hundred percent satisfied with my work, which is essential for a highly successful business.

How did I find my career path?
After graduation (majoring in Photography) I was immediately hired as a contracted photographer from Barceló Castillo Beach Resort in Canary Islands. As a photographer in Canarias, I was constantly inspired by the beauty of the nature and permanent sunshine with blue sky. I have set a goal to create amazing and memorable photographs with professionalism and respect the work deserves. It led me into one of the most exciting careers I can possibly imagine. If I had unlimited budget, I would do the same as now, it is a passion.

My services
I expertise in a wide range of photography including exterior/interior, lifestyle and architectural photography, combined with unique post-processing skills. My photography services cover architectural industry (hospitality, interior design, commercial spaces, real estate photography, virtual tours) for resorts, restaurants, for any architectural products industries. I travelled throughout Asia, Japan, Bali, Singapore working for different clients in the industry. My clients are include:

– Padma Resort Ubud (Bali, Indonesia)
– Metropole The Crest Collection by The Ascott Limited (Bangkok)
– Prestige Hotel (Budapest, Hungary)

– Sanur Paradise Hotel (Bali, Indonesia)
– Hotel Once Bangkok (Thailand)
– Continental Hotel (Budapest, Hungary)


Bali, Indonesia

Barcelona, Spain


Tokyo, Japan

My favorite selfie with Milky way, Fuerteventura, Canary-Islands, Spain.

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